A client reported a gearbox malfunction in his half-year old vehicle which was purchased straight from the dealer.

At first, the client used his 12-month gearbox warranty from the dealer to have the malfunction repaired free of cost. As it was only roughly 6 months since he had bought the car, the client delivered the vehicle sure it would be taken in for repair. To the client's surprise, however, the service refused to perform the repair, claiming that the malfunction was entirely the client's fault. The gearbox’s enclosure was cracked – the specialists, having seen this, said that the owner must have driven into a pile of sand.

The client was offered a replacement of the entire unit for a “bargain” price of 11000 złoty (eleven thousand, in words). It did not matter the car was only half a year old, nor that the gearbox had no signs of driving into an obstacle. The service simply stated the client’s responsibility without a clear reason.

We offered the client a replacement at total cost of 30% of the new gearbox’s value, granting him a REAL warranty for a period of 12 months. It is not our custom to ignore our clients’ claims in such a ridiculous and clearly fraudulent manner.